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This would make for Great Required Reading in School.

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Loved the article. As a white person with only black friends and not buddies maybe you or someone else can explain something to me, as I feel my question has a cultural answer possibly.

I'm a Gen X so I remember TV shows like Cosby and Family Matters. (Putting Cosby's personal transgressions aside) They were both shows about wholesome families. That they were black families was really irrelevant to the wholesomeness, but they were black families. They depicted a way of life families should aspire to, to a degree. Why was this depiction not the depiction that was picked up on and carried on?

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Wonderfully written and spot on, thank you Joel. Living before God with Truth, Honesty, Justice for your family and children is something very few aspire to these days. Those are the attributes of a father hero, something that too few men and women have these days. Your children are blessed!

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Thank you, Dr. Brown. It's my hope that you will inspire others with your words of wisdom and soundness! You are a principled man standing in the gap for all those fortunate to be in your circle of influence.

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Brilliantly written--you articulate what I think many people, white and black, believe.

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